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31 Dec

What is better bullet or dome camera?

What is better bullet or dome camera?
Bullet cameras as the name suggests it is with the shape of a gun barrel that protrudes out. Both bullet and dome cameras are better in it’s own ways and there is slight difference that makes both stand out on its own. Bullet cameras are firstly weatherproof that best adapts to outdoor security and surveillance and due to its protruding shape it fits long range cameras inside which can cover a wider area like backyards and verandas. On the other hand dome cameras are sleek in design and adapts to the inner walls and becomes hard for one to spot so dome cameras are better for covert surveillance and bullet cameras are better for stopping any perpetration. Bullet IP cameras are much easier to fix. So both are better in their own customization and it’s where and what you want to cover decides which is better. And it’s subjective.
There are 2mp bullet IP camera and 2mp dome IP camera, 1.3mp bullet IP and 2.4mp dome IP cameras till 8mp IP dome cameras and 8mp IP bullet cameras. They also come in another category of HD cameras for sharp and clear images. Again they range from 1.3mp HD Dome camera and 1.3mp HD bullet camera till 8mp HD Dome and bullet cameras. Check out the best security and surveillance camera systems at the best price from leading CCTV camera manufacturers

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