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30 Dec

Security and safety systems

Security and safety systems
When it comes to securing your place it takes a great deal to choose the one for you that is suited to your environment and your budget. So let’s understand what are those options and which suits what.
IP cameras are the premiers in CCTV security systems which is called the internet protocol camera which is a video recording camera that uses internet to receive and send visuals to the connected devises.
IP cameras are best suited for home security and again there is a huge deal to choose from it’s varieties. The regular 2mp IP cameras are finest to it’s name and as we increase the pixels to 3mp and 4mp the image just gets better and clearer. Daksh CCTV offers a new model that suits the best of our home security needs with a 2.4 mp HD camera that is just more budget friendly and sharp images on your tips.
In the IP camera category there is dome and bullet IP camera options which basically differentiates as the indoor and outdoor camera respectively.
Having said so is Dome camera a better option?

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