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30 Dec

Are Dome cameras better ?

Are Dome cameras better ?

There is nothing called the better. One is always better in terms of it’s utility. It’s all about choosing the rite mix and the right one. Infact all security and surveillance systems are better. But what makes Dome cameras the one for you? Let’s find out.
Dome cameras gets its name from the Dome like shape it comes in. The alternative being Bullet ip cameras which come like a protruded gun barrel type. The advantages of dome ip cameras are that it is best suited for indoor purposes and it camouflages with the wall and gets harder for one to spot it. The other major advantage is that you can vary the focal length of the camera which the perpetrator can’t guess where the camera is looking but when it is actually spying on him. So dome cameras are best adapted to closed indoor small are coverage like homes, small working offices, etc.
Dome cameras comes in a variety of options like 2mp dome, 3mp dome, 5mp dome ip camera to 8mp dome camera and to have better vision at dark areas there is infrared dome ip cameras.
Now choosing between dome and bullet camera

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