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20 Sep


When the country is turning business centric the evolution in the field takes a stroll through adoption and adaptations of which “security” covers the major portion of the page. Business thefts, Employee thefts, intellectual thefts are all the prime concern of the business people today. On this note lets pledge to make our workplace safe and secured for the employer, employee and the customer by adapting to the changing times through surveillance adoptions.

There are various things that the firm could adopt to improve the security at work place wiz.,

Verified alarm system, Screening policy, access control and most importantly Integrated Security surveillance system.

A verified alarm system could alert you when something is out of the box, as is the case with screening policy with IR detectors that captures the unwanted entities. Similarly,

Integrated security system being the Prima fascia of security surveillance.

There are a number of CCTV manufacturers in India who provide customized security surveillance systems matching the need of the firm of which Daksh CCTV manufacturers are a significant part. Integrating all these surveillance systems like CCTV, PTZ, Monitors, etc through leading CCTV manufacturers. would provide the firm a Z category security surveillance system.

This could make you feel safe and secured even when you are farther away at council meetings.

But this solves one end of the surveillance problems but to achieve a wholesome security and surveillance wall all other ends of the issue has to be addressed and that lies with equipping employees with workplace security tips to put them together as the watchdog along with the employer.

Adapt, Adopt and Evolve to the changing spheres by advocating workplace security tips for employees (office security tips to secure your workplace)

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    I am sejal prajapati from safe solutions at Gandhinagar-Gujarat.

    Kindly provice us your dealer price list with model no.

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