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03 Oct


Every firm, company and even houses these days have started fixing CCTV surveillance and recording systems to make themselves feel secure but the question is will fixing CCTV alone will do the needful? That is a question to be answered. Mere fixing a surveillance system is not complete without proper additional supporting aids to be fixed alongside. For instance when you fix a CCTV and leave the place locked and it keeps recording and when you have to see the recordings you have to access the control and storage room to recheck the entire week recordings to reach the point of interest. In order to avoid such troubles CCTV security and surveillance manufacturers like Daksh CCTV and others have entered the next evolutionary stage in order to update the machine and the mechanism to provide you with small changes and solutions to be adopted to improve workplace security.

WiFi internet protocol (IP Cameras) cameras are one such update that provides you live feed of the recording from Dome or Bullet IP cameras installed thus making you feel safe from wherever you are.

Another simple change that could improve workplace safety is by improving the quality of products that you use for security and surveillance. Upgrading the gadgets and accessories to the best quality available in the market. The next tip would be to use one brand for all needs. Usually, when you buy CCTV from a company and due to the unavailability of cables and servers of the same brand you tend to mix brands that question the actual safety of the security system in itself. Leading CCTV manufacturers like Daksh CCTV provide an end to end services with their own well- crafted accessories and services that keep the entire security and surveillance systems safe and secure.

CCTV surveillance and recording are the prime components of any integrated security system so choose wisely and better.  So what possibly could be the advantages of using CCTV systems for your business

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